I have always loved taking photos, but I really started pursuing photography when my oldest daughter was 2 years old. I felt that when we went to studios to get portraits, the photographers were so rigid, and it just wasn't a fun experience for my daughter or myself. I wanted her to have a GREAT experience while we captured some of her best facial expressions. Instead, I would leave with a crabby and irritable little girl. I felt that the images should reflect who my child was, what she liked, what she didn't like...essentially, her personality at that given age.

With that being said, I started taking photography classes at the university and apprenticed with local photographers.  I set up photo shoots of my own and practiced a lot....a lot, a lot.  I took what I learned and then made it my own; creating my own style.  I still go to photography workshops.  I love learning new things from other photographers.  I am always learning, always growing in my art.  


Photography has truly expanded my horizons.  Photography brings me into people's lives during their most joyous times and sometimes their saddest times.   I am able to witness and capture the sweetest most tender moments in life.  


One thing you should know about me, I always cry when the bride walks down the aisle...always.  The moment the bride reaches her partner and they reach out towards each other just touches my heart.  Photographing weddings is something I absolutely love.  It is the start of a new life, a new beginning, a blending of families.  


I also love working with newborns.  How awesome is it that the parents are not only entrusting me to capture their baby's first moments, but they are entrusting me with their baby.  I get the luxury to cuddle, to bounce, to rock a newborn baby to sleep.  One mother thought it was such a wonderful break for her.  I loved being able to give her that gift.  With both of my girls being grown, it gives me the opportunity to get in some good baby time.  


High School Seniors are another favorite.  It is so fun to listen to and talk with these young adults.  I get to hear all about their plans for the future, what music they currently like, what they like to do in their free time, things that are important to them.  Plus, they pick the funnest place to shoot.  So, it is always a fun adventure.  


My style tends not be very rigid. I want you, your children, your pets to feel comfortable. I want to capture their personality and individuality.  I don't mind rolling in the grass to get a great shot...sometimes, you just have to get your hands dirty.  I want to create memorable and unique keepsakes for you and your family to cherish...always.

I am always open to my client's ideas.  Before a photo shoot, I will talk with my clients about styles, colors, and the look they want to achieve; if they would like their photo shoot in the studio or on location.  I love when clients are surrounded by what makes them the most comfortable.

I love natural light and shooting outside; whether the sun is shining or its snowing.  I love how the light can create so many moods for any given shot. I love going to both rural and urban settings; using the life that is all around us as a backdrop.  Our studio lighting is also very soft and glowing; perfect for days that do not permit us to shoot outside.   I love being able to play with the different light settings to create the perfect shots. 


I love taking photos of animals. Their natural love of life can be seen in the pictures that are taken. They can be goofy, serious, tired, playful...and most of them love to show off for the cameras and maybe for a little treat too. My family and I rescue and foster animals. While photography is a great love of mine, saving the lives of animals is my passion. A portion of all session fees will benefit animals in need.


Opening a studio has always been a dream of mine.  The first Love With Purpose Photography Studio was opened in 2015 in historic downtown Waukesha.  It was such a beautiful space with amazing natural light, soft clean lines, and calming colors.  Love With Purpose Photography Studio took a journey all the way down to Georgia.  WOW!!  If you are ever in Georgia, stop by and say hi. 

Please contact me to set up your next photo shoot.  I look forward to meeting you.